Fairtrade Council

This afternoon this year’s Fairtrade ambassadors met to talk about Fairtrade and how we can help and raise greater awareness in school.

       The Fairtrade Council 

                                In the Reading Tower (L – R) Amir, Jayden and Lana                                                       Middle Row (L-R) Shaza, Fatimah, Haroon and Shubab                             Front Row (L – R) Susan, Nathan and Hala

The ambassadors suggested that a newsletter/magazine could be created with articles, interviews, quizzes and wordsearches.

Miss Whiteley and Mrs Walker also talked to the ambassadors about the impending visit to the Fairtrade Celebration on 1st March where four of them would attend and deliver a workshop to groups of other Primary and Secondary school children.

Working in pairs the ambassadors cam up with some wonderful ideas for the workshop which they then presented to the rest of the council.

With great difficulty a board game idea was chosen with elements from two groups selected.

Generating ideas for the workshop

  Haroon and Nathan present their idea to the rest of the council

Year 5 and Year 6 presenting their ideas

Year 4 presenting their ideas

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